Read client ★★★★★ Jarvis Testimonials

Steve P.

We work with a lot of GC and builders in OC. Jarvis Restoration is surprisingly amazing company to work with. Starting with their professionalism and communication these guys are top notch. Great communication, direct and honest. From start to finish working with Jarvis Restoration exceeded all expectations. Five stars all around.

Matthew E.

Huntington Beach, CA

On Mother's Day, my wife and I ended up with a real nightmare, one of our toilets leaked into our lower level and the place was a mess.

I searched online and found Jarvis Restoration. They immediately made an appointment to come out and access our situation and begin remediation of our mess.

In the past we have found SoCal really lacks quality contractors. We are happy to say Jarvis is excellent!!

I found the staff to be incredible and we loved dealing with them so much we are retaining them to do some renovation projects in our house. We first met Bryan who has been great at making sure we have our estimates complete and that the project was moving along. He and Laura helped us navigate through the insurance companies and making sure we were receiving the right amounts for payments. Vince was like our day to day guy that coordinated the staff.

These 3 individuals are fantastic! We really also have to say, everyone of their staff that came to work here was super polite and very hard workers!

We highly recommend them and have been!!

Steve P.

Westminster, CA

Well, nobody really wants to have anything happen that needs to be taken care of by Jarvis Restoration, but the 100 gallon water heater at our Tri-plex rental in Costa Mesa, went to meet its maker.  Before leaving she decided to leak water for a while and then, 'let it all flow'.  My tenant did not notice the water on the floor and out from under the garage door for a few days.  Soon after our plumbing service arrived and gave me the bad news:  Water heater was 'gone', and we would need a new one, as well as 'Remediation for water damage, and repair to the dry wall nearby.   They suggested Jarvis Restoration and had someone out to start up the demolition of the wall and dry out procedure in a little over an hour.  Within days the Jarvis team was able to coordinate with my plumber and get all of the demolition, construction and painting done with ease.  I believe that Team Jarvis is great.  When it came time to pay, Miss Laura in the office was outstanding.  She emailed me an invoice, offered several ways to pay, as well as a phone number if I had any questions regarding the bill.  I called and the phone was answered quickly and professionally by Miss Laura.  She accepted my credit card and we were done.  I hope my new water heater does well and I don't need Jarvis again, but if I do, I certainly won't hesitate to call them.

Thanks, Steve

Edward A.

Coto De Caza, CA

On time, very polite explained procedures very well, diligent and very neat. Exceeded all our expectations!

Tyler S.

Laguna Niguel, CA

Had an issue at a rental property and called this company back out as I had used them before. The guys who showed up had full protection gear and I could tell there was a respect for our safety and my tenants safety during Covid. I still can't believe how polite and professional these guys are.  They got me an estimate and I approved the work and they started that minute to get things dry. They coordinated with the plumber to get the water heater down so they could get the drywall out and then took out all the wet flooring in the interior. They were courteous to my tenants and checked in during the whole process with me and them. My project manager was Casey and boy did he take care of us.  They just finished up and everything looks really good and my tenants are very happy with their new place.

Blair B.

San Clemente, CA

Excellent service and workmanship! Ysmail and his team were honest, hardworking, kind, caring and did great work. Jarvis is fortunate to have them and we were very thankful to have them work on our home to remediate water related damage in two rooms. Highly recommend them!

Evi S.

Aliso Viejo, CA

We recently had a leak and seeked Jarvis Restoration services. Oneal Sanchez and his partner showed up on time, with masks, friendly attitude and explained the entire process. They got to it and took care of the issue. We received great service and would recommend them.

Johnny M.

Lake Forest, CA

These guys were great!  They helped me through quite a little disaster.  I appreciated all the work and help they gave me through it.  I definitely recommend them.

Kyle S.

Yorba Linda, CA

Jarvis restoration was able to come to our house in less than an hour to fix our water restoration issue. We had a leak in our home and for the fear of mold, we seemed Jarvis Restoration for mold prevention. Oneal Sanchez was on the job and was most professional and experienced. He was able to guide us to how a water leak can potentially create bigger problems if not mediated right away. Oneal was friendly and was exceptional in customer service and also getting Restoration the next time I face an the job done. I will be looking forward to working with Jarvis issue like so.

Robert C.

Seal Beach, CA

Jarvis did a great job for us from start to finish.  We had a slab leak that required replacement of our downstairs wood flooring.  Our insurance adjuster initially offered a proposed settlement that was woefully low.  Casey (from Jarvis) used a very thorough and meticulous approach to convince the insurance company to increase the allowed claim by 50%.  The final allowed claim covered 100% of our mitigation and repairs (less a $1,000 deductible).  The quality of the replacement flooring and workmanship was exceptional (including molding and paint touch-up).  Sara did a great job helping us pick out the flooring and she stopped by each day during flooring installation to check on the team's progress.  Once the project started (with demolition), the Jarvis team progressed rapidly to completion without delay.  The project involved a variety of different skillsets and tradespeople.  Everyone was very courteous and hardworking.  We were pleased to welcome the Jarvis professionals into our home.  We were very pleased that we selected Jarvis and we recommend them highly!

Jen I.

Irvine, CA

After being ghosted by several other restoration services, I found Jarvis, and I'll never turn back. They show when they say they will, they call ahead to let you know if they'll be a few minutes late, and they are efficient and full-service, making it as easy and painless on the homeowner as possible. I am not kidding, I have heard horror stories from my friends about their renos, and we experienced no headaches or regrets.  Jorge, Alfredo, Casey, José, Shelby, Drew: 5 stars aren't enough.

Sarah L.

San Clemente, Ca

A pinhole leak behind our built-in refrigerator leaked for days before we discovered it. Jarvis was suggested to us by our plumber and I can't recommend them enough. Tim and his team were quick to arrive at our house to assess water damage and minimize spread. They were clean, efficient and communication was clear. Everything was documented with photos before any work was started and along the way which helped the process with my insurance. Casey and his team took over for the renovation and were fantastic. Casey went above and beyond to make the process easy for our family. Jarvis was able to not only work directly with our insurance adjuster, but helped us find temporary accommodation while the renovation was in process.

Casey in particular was excellent at communication- responding to text messages and calls that synced up with my schedule. He was able to coordinate getting flooring and baseboard options brought directly to me so I didn't need to bring young children into a box store.

Eddie's flooring team that did the work in our home were fast, trustworthy and accommodating. The new floors look excellent and they took care of my home on top of quality work.

I love that Jarvis was a one-stop-shop for us. It made it so easy to work through insurance. Water mitigation, demo, furniture moving, appliances, rebuild, flooring, temporary accommodation.... they did it all. I'm grateful that we had such an honest, qualified and quality team handling our home. Would recommend each and every team member that worked on our home.

Ken R.

Santa Ana, CA

My mother's home was flooded due to a toilet overflow that went on for hours. I called Jarvis and their response was very quick. I also had them do the cleanup and repairs. The project was challenging because of very slow approvals from insurance and HOA insurance issues.  Jarvis handled these matters well. Overall Jarvis did a very good job on this difficult project.

Alex G.

Aliso Viejo, CA

We had a leak from our 2nd floor bathroom that saturated the subfloor and 1st floor kitchen ceiling. After coordinating with insurance, Jarvis took on the restoration project to procure and install new kitchen cabinets, fix all of the drywall, and completely remodel (tile and shower) our master bathroom. They also completed some extra side-work unrelated to the original incident.

The kitchen was restored and looked just like it did before the incident! For the bathroom, we took the opportunity to completely change the way it looked and it turned out beautifully.

Our project manager was Bryan and it was a large project. Bryan took care of everything. He kept communicating with us the entire way and ensured alignment with our insurance company. Any hiccups/issues were acknowledged and addressed promptly.

Miao Y.

Irvine, Ca

Thanks Jarvis and Casey (my project manager) for keeping a potential disaster away from me. We had a broken pipe in the wall to repair so as to stop the leaking. Had to take down and restore the cabinet, oven, microwave and all. Guys showed up quickly and get the job done in 2 days. Nothing painful at all and the kitchen just got back to normal in 48 hours!  Couldn't speak highly enough for these professional guys. I recommend Jarvis Restoration. CALL CASEY!

Alice A.

Irvine, CA

A leaky shower drain upstairs flooded the guest bath below, on New Year's Eve, a couple of hours before guests were due. The plumber came and found the problem, but it was Oneal and his team from Jarvis who calmed me down and got the guest bath fit for company! Oneal was especially valuable, helping me to communicate to the plumber how important it was to get the repairs done promptly, so he could get us dried out before the mold had time to set in!  From first visit to view the damage, to coming back to set up the drying apparatus, to a prompt inspection and estimate by Casey, to the final drywall repairs, we were super pleased with the courtesy, professionalism, and work quality of Jarvis Restoration!

Raj D.

Costa Mesa, CA

Jarvis Restoration was a great company to work with! We were stuck with a huge leak damage repair and restoration and Jarvis took complete care of the job. Casey was the best project manager we could have asked for! He handled everything from start to finish. He was especially helpful with dealing with the complicated insurance billing. Thanks so much Casey and Jarvis team! We highly recommend Jarvis to our friends and family.

- The Desai Family

Michael F.

Laguna Niguel, CA

Had a flood this morning (on Christmas) and called on Jarvis to come out. They sent someone out right away which I was amazed. The guy was so friendly and helped clean up the big mess that was made. We saved a good deal of damage because of how quick they were to respond. Now have some drying equipment in the house to get the rest of the walls dry. Very happy with Jarvis. Merry Christmas.

Caroline B.

Laguna Niguel, CA

This is the second time in leas then a year we have had to deal with a pipe leak in our kitchen.  We used Jarvis in both cases.  While dealing with  a slab leak in never easy, Jarvis made it as painless as possible.  They handled every step of the process from demo to working with our insurance adjuster for approvals to complete rebuild. Casey and his team did an excellent job on both rebuilds   It really takes a lot of stress out of the process not having to deal with multiple contractors.  They were able to handle all aspects of the job and in both cases everything turned out good as new!

Brody P.

Irvine, CA

We work with a lot of GC and builders in OC.  Jarvis Restoration is surprisingly amazing company to work with.  Starting with their professionalism and communication these guys are top notch.  Great communication, direct and honest. From start to finish working with Jarvis Restoration exceeded all expectations. Five stars all around.

Kevin W.

Newport Beach, CA

It was a pleasure to work with the Jarvis team after our home sustained water damage and our floors needed to be replaced. Our rep, Casey, thoroughly laid out all the steps that would occur and did an excellent job working with our insurance company to make sure we were covered.

The house looks better than ever with the new floors and the work was top notch. Thank you, Casey, and Jarvis for an excellent job.

Brad H.

Newport Beach, CA

Jarvis Restoration is one of the best companies I have ever had the opportunity to work with. If you have any type of damage to your home, these are the folks to call!

I was out of town for 5 days, during which a water pipe burst upstairs and ran for 3-4 days. Upon arriving home we were in a state of shock. I needed some emergency help. I checked reviews for water related emergencies and found Jarvis to be local and with great reviews. I called at 10am, and they were at my house at 1pm. Jarvis arrived with 2 shiny Mercedes Benz work vans with 7 guys, all in company shirts. 4 hours late they had pulled all the carpets and furniture, and had dehumidifiers throughout the house. They also contacted my insurance company and filed the claim to get started rebuilding my house.

I was so impressed with the water mitigation, that I hired them to rebuild the damaged areas. 10 months later I have a new custom bathroom that would rival anything in Las Vegas. They rebuilt my bar from the ground up, and refinished 4 bedrooms downstairs. They know how to work on higher end properties, with picky owners!

Casey V. was my project manager and he was simply awesome! His enthusiasm about the project carried through from start to finish. Casey did all the work with the insurance company, and got me coverage for 100% of the damage. Insurance folks were happy to work with him,  He managed his team so that everything flowed together. None better than Casey......

Jorge R. was my project lead.  Such a talented young guy! I did not have to hire a designer for my project, as Jorge did better work than anyone I interviewed. Saved me thousands! Thanks Jorge!

Thank you Casey!

Thank you Jarvis Restoration!

Chris E.

Newport Beach, CA

The team over at Jarvis is awesome. We had a leak in our backyard that flowed into our neighbors behind us. Jarvis picked up the phone after hours and had a crew out the next morning. They got everything fixed up within a week and were very easy to work with. I highly recommend

Alan M.

I had three bids to remove mold and water damage in the ceiling of a second floor closet. Jarvis was the most competitive of my three bids. They scheduled me just a couple days after the quote. They were accommodating, thorough, neat, and efficient. All the personnel from Kevin in the office to the two men sent to do the work were informative, responsive, and caring. Hope I never need them again but if I do I would only use Jarvis for this type of work.

Seth R.

Costa Mesa, CA

We had a broken water line on our wall that seeped into everything, requiring a complete rebuild of the kitchen. Casey from Jarvis worked with us and our insurance company to ensure we got everything covered and that we were happy with every part of the process. Jorge and his team were always courteous and friendly, making sure we knew who was coming and when. They were both always willing to answer our questions and able to walk us through the process so that we understood what was needed and when. They even helped out when we wanted to upgrade our sink and lighting, working with us to find suppliers so we could get the best price on the parts. We would definitely use them again, we just hope we don't have a need to!

Karen C.

Our neighborhood is notorious for slab leaks and we have had a few. We had Jarvis restoration come out for our latest issue and they did an amazing job. They were great with working with my insurance company who wanted to try and give us a small amount of money for a big problem. Jarvis helped get everything covered. Our home is beautiful now and we wanted to thank them for all of their hard work.

Gary R.

We had water damage from a leak, they quickly responded and had a unit here the same day, Felix was pleasant and came with equipment to view the damage in the walls and began our dry out. They had testing performed by testing company, once cleared, replaced drywall and performed repairs as needed including painting and floors too. They were friendly and clean and know their business. Laura in the office coordinated calls and followed up during the job to make sure we were happy, very professional. We had conversation with several Jarvis family members and all wanted our satisfaction. They are Pros at restoration and serving the customer!

Natalie B.

Laguna Niguel, CA

I had a water backup from a shower and Jarvis handled the restoration for me.  They did a great job!  They were the only company to provide me a quote on the spot.  I had two other restoration companies out and both took 48 - 72 hours to send quotes.  Jarvis was responsive, knowledgeable, and professional.  Simply, they were the best restoration company that I had out to look at the water damage and access the situation.  They did an excellent job mitigating my water damage.  All members of the team out were professional, courteous, and took the utmost care to keep the home clean while removing the water damaged drywall.  I hope to never have a water issue in the future, but if I do they will be the only call I make.

Alfred S.

San Juan Capistrano, CA

We had another leak at my house and this time it was huge!  Literally everything had to be ripped out. Of course, like a lot of other people have said, my insurance tried to say my leak was long term and tried to deny my claim. Long term....??  I saw water coming through the ceiling and called the plumber. how is that long term??? The guys at Jarvis fought for me to get covered. After a week of back and forth my project manager Casey got me covered.  I can't remember a time there was a company who fought so hard to help me. All the work was just finished and it looks great. Lots of problems can go on in situations like this and they helped me so much.  Thank you so much.

Dave C.

Orange, CA

I called Casey at Jarvis Restoration a few months ago to respond to my house regarding a roof leak that caused water damage to one of my upstairs bedrooms.  The damage included saturated drywall, baseboards, carpet and sub flooring.  I had hired another company to do the work, but for whatever reason, the contractor talked himself out of doing the work the day he and two workers showed up, and they left me high and dry (well not exactly dry).  Two guys from Jarvis responded promptly the same day and cut three small sections of drywall out to make sure there was no mold inside the walls.  They removed the two wet base boards and informed me Casey would be in touch with me.  Casey called me the very next day and arranged to come by to do the initial work estimate.  When he arrived, he was friendly, accommodating, patient and skilled.  Being my first insurance claim, Casey walked me through the entire process and what to expect next.  After my insurance company approved the work, Jarvis responded within a few days and knocked out the job in less than half a day.  I was very impressed by the professionalism and workmanship Casey and his guys exhibited on this job.  I would hire them again without question.  Thanks Jarvis!!!

Danielle D.

Mission Viejo, CA

We have a small slab leak in our home. Tim & Albino came out to take a look at any damage we might have. They were on time, super professional and courteous. Very knowledgeable and provide me with all of my options.

They came prepared to check for mold, had their equipment with them in their van and were able to get setup within 45 minutes of arriving. A slab leak is NO fun, but having a company that can take away some of the confusion on next steps was very helpful. I would recommend Tim and Albino if you have this type of issue in your house.

Holly M.

Dana Point, CA

Jarvis Restoration was great from start to finish!  When I experienced a leak, I really didn't know how to go about the issue.  Jarvis was on site, assisting from start to finish.  Everyone involved was very professionally and responsive. Thank you again, and my new bathroom looks fantastic! Highly recommended!

Virginia D.

Ladera Ranch, CA

I have used Jarvis Restoration twice now due to unfortunate leaks. They are extremely responsive, professional and courteous. The employees work hard and the account managers have been extremely professional to work with. I also want to highly commend Bree, as she was extremely helpful, as well. I am hopeful not to have to use them personally again;) But I will definitely do so, if needed, and highly recommend them to others. Thank you!

Janice S.

Orange, CA

A month ago, I noticed my floors were starting to warp, but never thought I would have to go through a full remodel of my downstairs. Long story short, there was a leak in the kitchen and woods floors along with water damage is just not a good combo. The plumber who found the source of the leak recommenced that I get a remediation company on the damage as soon as possible. They recommended Jarvis and I'm so glad that they did.

Going through a floor leak and dealing with construction is neither fun nor easy, but the team at Jarvis did their best at making the whole process bearable.

Casey, Vincent and the whole team made sure that they put my house back together even better than the way it was before this whole disaster.

Bev J.

Laguna Niguel, CA

My upstairs neighbor called Jarvis when her washing machine hose burst and flooded our homes.  I have all tile flooring so water flowed into every room.  On arrival the Jarvis team quickly went to work on both condos.

I cannot express my appreciation for the Jarvis team. Every employee has been professional and compassionate.

Deana was so helpful with the insurance maze. Michael and his construction crew are doing a wonderful job putting my home back together.   My little laundry room looks better than before the flood.

I highly recommend Jarvis and will request their help if anything like this happens again!

Kara H.

Aliso Viejo, CA

I cannot overstate what a positive experience we have had working with Jarvis. We have worked with them on three separate occasions and will continue to come back if/when the need arises. Their customer service is far above par - they made a very stressful situation so much more bearable and have always been pleasant to work with. Casey, Trevor, Bre and Laura were all so helpful and responsive. They took all the stress out of repairing the damage to our home and from navigating the complicated insurance claim process. We feel lucky to have found Jarvis and would highly recommend the company to anyone in need of restoration services.

Darcey B.

San Clemente, CA

I highly recommend this company. A couple months ago we had a copper pipe burst in our kitchen, water was everywhere!!! We called Jarvis Restoration and they were at our house in 30 minutes, everything in our kitchen was ruined and they assured us everything would be ok. Now, less than 2 months after this disaster we have a brand new kitchen. Cabinets, countertops, everything. We also have new floors throughout our entire house. The best thing is, Parker Jarvis handled our insurance company for us, we didn't have to do a thing. Thank you Jarvis Restoration, you are a life saver!!

Debbie S.

This is the second time around with Jarvis Restoration to fix damage in our rental property. It is never easy to deal with these situations especially

when it's not your primary residence, but Jarvis made the process as easy as possible. All who worked on my project were professional, efficient and did a great job. I especially want to thank Laura in the office. She was a pleasure to deal with. She made the process easy, explained everything step by step. Thank you, Laura and everyone at Jarvis. I wish I could rate this business a 10! We will definitely recommend your company to others! Hope we won't need your services again, but we would use you again in heart beat!

Mat D.

San Clemente, CA

I found mold damage in my bathroom and didn't know what to do. I found Jarvis restoration on yelp and called them. They had a technician out same day, and gave me an estimate. Within two days they had removed all of my mold and billed my insurance company, they took care of everything for me. Drew was my project manager and was great and very responsive. I would recommend anyone who has a similar issue to call Jarvis, they were great.

Shannon M.

Brea, CA

Jarvis Restoration came to us when we needed them most. They are responsive and ensure all of our questions are answered. They are available at all times and even reach out to us to see if we are pleased with the service they are providing. We are only through the restoration phase and have the construction phase to go through, but if we continue to receive the same level of service then I know we will be thrilled.

John C.

We sprung a master bath leak Dec 23rd. Ouch - but we called Jarvis and their response could not have been any faster. They identified the leak, opened up the dining room ceiling, brought in the plumber to fix the leak and we were back online for Christmas.

The rest of the process took some time because of all the water damage but they started reconstruction, interfaced with our insurance company and completed the work. Their people were courteous, professional, skilled, and worked clean.

Thank you Jarvis.

Ryan F.

Irvine, CA

I recently had water damage due to a leak in a three story condo, affecting two floors. Jarvis handled everything from drying and remediation to painting and cleaning. They did a great job! They made the process easy on me, taking care of everything and keeping me up to date as the work progressed. I would definitely use them again!

David N.

Irvine, CA

Jarvis Restoration provided us with incredible service during a difficult time. As first-time homeowners, we discovered a water issue mere weeks after our move-in and Jarvis, especially Casey Vail and Joel Coria, were kind, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping us resolve the situation as effectively as possible. Their presence in our process brought about a positive outcome for all involved. We are extremely grateful for Casey, Joel, David, and the entire Jarvis team for their efforts on our behalf! We wholeheartedly recommend them for any of your restoration needs.

Jonathan S.

Mission Viejo, CA

Slab leak presented itself over the weekend (never happens during weekday daytime hours, right?).  Plumber who we already trusted recommended Jarvis without hesitation.  They arrived swiftly and began the drying process.  When we entered the restoration phase, Jarvis was thorough, detailed, and competitive with their bid.  While not the cheapest, I do believe you get what you pay for.  The quality of the work is high and we are pleased.  Big props to our project manager Johnny and the entire team that delivered the work and returned our home to the way it was before the leak and repairs.  Thank you!

Kathleen B.

Mission Viejo, CA

Jarvis stepped in when we had a pipe leak this past June. It was devastating to lose our beautiful hardwood floors but thanks to Jarvis, we were able to find floors that closely matched what we had. They dried out our walls and checked to be sure there was no mold. All our first floor possessions had to be moved into containers while the work was being done. The guys that did this were careful and respectful of our things. Johnny did a great job overseeing the work which was done very well. We are glad to have our house back now that everything is completed. We would definitely use Jarvis again for any emergency service.

Brittany Y.

Temecula, CA

We had a water leak at my office and I called Jarvis. They were incredible. They helped to calm me down and sent guys out right away. The arrived quickly and were able to access the damage. They explained the whole process to me, worked around my clients and were even able to help me with my insurance. The damaged was cleaned and dried and they Renovated to get us back to working quickly. I am so grateful to Jarvis and appreciated their communication during the whole process.

Ellie D.

Laguna Niguel, CA

First time dealing with a water leak. I was very happy with their quick response and professionalism. Highly recommended. Casey was a stand out. He made the process much easier with my insurance. Highly recommend!

Trisha S.

Yorba Linda, CA

Highly recommend this restoration company. When I had a leak right before the new year, Casey Vail and his team came in and saved the day! His professionalism and personal service are next to none... from start to finish. The care and high quality work of the Jarvis team from the packers, demo team, floor and paint specialists put my family at ease! Job was handled in a timely fashion with attention to detail. They even helped with navigating insurance company hoops and red tape. Can't say enough good things about the personal attention and quality work.

Bob B.

Newport Beach, CA

A week ago we had the problem of a water leak within an interior wall. After the leak was repaired I was in need of restoring the damage. Jarvis was recommended so I called them to get some idea of what to do next. I was greeted with a calming discussion of what was recommended. First they sent a team to inspect the damage and quoted what they felt was needed. Upon acceptance the Jarvis crew placed dryer fans and a dehumidifier. After a few days they returned to make sure everything was as it should. I then agreed to have them restore the damage. For which they did an excellent job. My entire experience with this company and their employees was one of mutual respect and regard for our misfortune. I can in all good conscience recommend Jarvis as the company to call if you need help of this kind.

Peter C.

Laguna Beach, CA

We recently had significant water damage to one of our properties in Laguna Beach.  I called 3 companies and picked Jarvis to remediate complete the rebuild.  This was a relatively large job. All departments at Jarvis were professional, personable, diligent and proficient.  Job very well done from the initial contact with Kevin Moss to the Project Lead,  Casey and the crew that did the remodel.  Very satisfied and I would recommend Jarvis Restoration.

Katelyn A.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I was so fortunate to have Jarvis Restoration take care of my water damage.  These guys are so professional and kind and really helped me out during the whole thing.  I had to move out of my house for a month and they were able to coordinate getting a great place by the beach to stay while my house was being fixed. Everything looked beautiful when they were finished. Jarvis helped deal with my insurance company who tried to deny my claim.  Definitely will recommend them to everyone I know.

Brooke W.

Dana Point, CA

We are very happy with our experience with Jarvis Restoration. We had water damage in our kids bathroom and bedroom and we had Jarvis Restoration repair the damage and redo the whole bathroom. We love it! Could not be more happy about how it turned out and how professional and friendly the workers were.