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Our water damage restoration team understands that every drop counts, which is why we all do our part to save and conserve. Because of this, California can look into a potentially brighter future; however, a single, unintentional leak or spring can set the entire state back detrimentally, especially when it comes household water damage.

Water is a precious commodity in California’s current dry spell, and since this resource is so valuable limited, the state has made many cutbacks and other water restrictions to save every priceless drop possible.

Areas such as Orange County and Los Angeles are restricted to watering their yards only twice a week on top of households being required to cut monthly consumption by 28%.



The Facts of

water damage restoration

Each year, water leaks from U.S. homes can exceed 1 trillion gallons in a year, which, comparatively, equals the annual water use of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami combined. Are those numbers too large to tangibly grasp? Let’s bring it back to home base:

According to Water Damage Defense, 10% of all homes in the United States have leaks that waste at least 90 gallons of water daily and a single pipe crack less than 1/8th of an inch in length can expel 250 gallons a day.

Not only are the damages from drips environmentally costly, but also harmfully injurious to a home’s well being.

Internal water heater leaks have been calculated to costs nearly $4,000, and that’s just a minor issue. Larger obstacles and mishaps, such as faulty plumbing and house floods, costs on average between $20,000 and $30,000 in repairs alone, and let’s not forget the additional health risks and expenses due to contaminates found in most category 2 or category 3 situations like an overflow or broken dishwasher.


What to do

When you have water damage

To avoid leaks and water damages in the first place, it’s essential to keep up on home maintenance and minor repairs before they become big issues.

The average washing machine supply hose fails after just 8 years and most water heaters fail before the age of 12, meaning these few appliances need to be routinely checked by a plumber or restoration service for their efficiency.

Also, know your home. Pay attention to plumbing for signs of wear including noisy pipes, signs of moisture on walls or floors, or rust stained water. Replace hoses and pipes before their manufacturer recommended timetable, and make sure the entire family or office knows how to turn off the water supply flow in case of emergency situations.

No one wants to face the scare of substantial water damage, but unfortunately, sometimes these situations happen; however you will never be alone when facing your home’s slab leak aftermath or detrimental dishwasher disaster. If the worse comes, don’t fret, because you are in safe hands with Jarvis Restoration.

You can fully trust us to restore your home integrity and your personal peace of mind. We are the leading experts in water damage removal and renewal thanks to our many years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and determined and friendly staff that are fully committed to get you and your home back on your feet.

Standing water can cause as much, if not more, damage to a foundation, compared to a running flood, because of the health risks such as mold, bacteria, and unstable ground. Therefore, we quickly assist in analyzing your individual situation and execute a full proof plan instantaneously to overcome the condition.

The more time spent, the more damage can be done, which is why we sop up the excess water using state-of-the-art thermal equipment quickly. Throughout the entire process, we measure the moisture and humidity levels so that we are sure your environment is dry and mold free. However, we go above and beyond merely drying wet areas; we also sanitize and clean effected regions to insure their safety and also restore your home or building’s integrity to full standing, which may include valuable furniture and internal asthetic.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, but if time is not on your side and you are facing a serious water infestation, let Jarvis Restoration come to assistance and bring back your peace of mind and sense of security within your home or building.



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