Contents Restoration in Orange County, CA

Contents Restoration

Whether you’ve got a sopping wet sofa, a sooty and smoky kitchen table, or a mold-infested cabinet, no matter what type of disaster strikes your home the contents are almost always involved in the loss. Jarvis understands that by quickly cleaning your items many of them can be returned to pre-loss condition, thus saving you extra time, worry, and expense.

The less time that passes between the initial damage and the start of the restoration process, the more likely you are going to be able to salvage your items. Jarvis is committed to responding to your emergency in about one hour anywhere in Orange County. Jarvis technicians will quickly take control of the environment inside your property, from humidity levels to cleaning solutions used. This rapid response can mean the difference between saving your valuable possessions and having to throw them away.

Jarvis Restoration’s experienced technicians will swiftly secure your site. They will then gauge the damage to your belongings and decide with you whether to clean them onsite or move them to Jarvis’s facility for cleaning. All contents will be bar-coded, photographed, and inventoried, ensuring that all your valuables are safeguarded. Jarvis’s staff uses the most high-tech cleaning processes and keeps track of your valuables using the latest inventory software so that your possessions can be returned to you quickly and in the best condition possible.

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