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Why Jarvis Restoration?

For years, our company has taken pride in quality service. When a home or business has been damaged, our licensed professional waste no time in helping clients restore their residency back to its former glory. Our professionals respond quickly with thorough inspections. Repairs can start to be made immediately at the convenience of our clients. One of our most sought out services targets water damage and the mold remediation that can be caused by it.

Water Damage

The Southern California drought is no joke and the extent of its effects goes far beyond a lack of water. San Clemente is one of the many cities affected by the drought. Here, at Jarvis Restoration, we make sure that when a home has a leak, the problem is attended to as soon as possible in order to preserve water and reduce water damage. Gallons and gallons of water are lost each year to water leaks at home, costing the state the unnecessary loss of a precious commodity. As soon as a water leak is found, a professional should be contacted to make repairs.


Not only are water leaks a waste of water, they hike up utility bills and cause unseen water damage that could result in costly repairs. Avoid water damage by knowing what to look for. Keep an eye open for wear on household appliances such as dishwashers, laundry machines, and toilets. If a faucet is dripping, while it may not look like a major problem, tighten sink pipes and call a plumber if the dripping continues.

Do not let leaks go unchecked. If a leak is discovered, do not assume that the effects will be minor because they never are. Even the smallest of leaks can create massive volumes of wasted water. Even more so, the water damage can lead to serious health risks such as the growth of mold and mildew. Since San Clemente is also known for floods, water damage might already be in the home due to past water events.

Our Services

At Jarvis Restoration, we take it very seriously for these reasons and believe that our clients should hold the same amount of concern. Our mold remediation services are aimed at quick removal of mold and giving peace of mind back to our clients. We offer multiple services that will help keep homes and residences mold free.

An initial assessment should be called for if mold of any kind is found within the home. It might also be beneficial to call our professionals if any individual within the residence is experiencing symptoms that could be attributed to the presence of mold. In the assessment, a thorough search will be conducted, followed by the classification of any mold discovered.

Mold remediation is another service offered. Remediation removes the mold spores from the home using high-tech equipment. Mold remediation can be difficult, but the techniques we use at Jarvis Restoration are highly effective. Our experts always make sure to remove mold completely, even from hard to reach places.

We also offer prevention services, which, if taken advantage of, could save clients large sums of money in the future. Mold prevention is our specialty and should especially be considered by San Clemente residents. Homes located near the coast and near the Northern border of the city are at a high risk of experiencing floods and therefore also are at risk for mold growth.

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As soon as a flood happens, use dehumidifiers to dry out remaining moisture and call a professional immediately. Our company ensures that our clean up and prevention services remove all moisture.

Our San Clemente clients should never feel uneasy when water damage takes place. If clients take action quickly and call for clean up and remediation services immediately, homes and money can undoubtedly be saved.

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