Signs & Identification of a Water Leak from Your Ceiling

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When it comes to water leaking from your ceiling, know this: a minor leak can cause significant water damage, especially from the torrential rains expected to come from this year’s El Nino.

A leak can cause life-threatening mold infestations and wood rot; it can destroy installation and completely damage your ceiling.

According to FEMA, El Nino will lead to flooding in California this year.  So it’s best to identify and repair leaks now.

Signs of a Water Leak

Many times the leak will be very clear as it will drip directly from the ceiling into your home. Other times with leak will be not so obvious. Some of the not-so-obvious signs of a water leak in your home include:water leak

  • Noticeable water spots on your ceiling
  • Wood rotting or peeling/cracking paint
  • A mold smell found within your attic
  • Noticing misplaced shingles on your roof
  • Water spots on the exterior of your home
  • Ceiling concaving in the specific area of the leak

How to Identify Water Leaking From Your Ceiling

Water leaking from your ceiling signifies a roof leak. Unless you’ve witnessed water dripping from your ceiling, you might not even be aware that you have a leak.

Inspect your ceilings.

When it comes to being proactive, there’s no time like the present. Inspect the ceilings throughout your entire house.  If you notice any water stains that spread across ceilings or run down walls, you have a leak.  Leak spots may also appear near chimneys and vents.

Inspect your roof shingles.

If you have a roof leak, your shingles will let you know. Carefully inspect the shingles on your roof to spot any abnormalities. Keep an eye out for shingles that are missing, buckling or curling.  Damaged and missing shingles will not properly protect the roof from leaks. This will eventually cause water to leak from your ceiling.

How to Repair Water Leaking From Ceiling

Water damage is one of the largest causes of insurance claims. Additionally, water damage leads to mold, which poisons your home without any real sign that it’s growing inside your ceilings and walls. If water damage isn’t repaired properly and causes mold, you might also need mold remediation services in addition to further water damage repair work. 

You could repair the leak yourself, but it’s best to leave it to a professional and capable team of experts to ensure the damage is properly corrected, long term.  Otherwise, the damage could worsen.

Dry all affected areas.

The first step is to quickly dry all the affected areas. This will prevent the wood from swelling, metals from rusting, and mold from developing. It will also avoid fires caused by electrical shortages.

Clean and sanitize affected areas.

The next step is to clean and sanitize the affected areas using state-of-the-art equipment, measuring the moisture and humidity levels to determine if the home is free of mold or not. And finally, repairing the damage and restoring the home to its proper state.

If you have identified, or even suspect, water damage, call Jarvis Restoration today! Jarvis can be anywhere in Orange County in one hour.  Call anytime at 949- 326-7879 for 24-hour emergency service.

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