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Financing Options Through Greensky

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Did you know Jarvis offers financing options through GreenSky? This option allows you more flexibility with out-of-pocket restoration services or remodeling upgrades with Jarvis. GreenSky offers two financing options, and both offer attractive benefits that can alleviate potential hardships. By having this flexibility with payment, you can have peace of mind while we recover your home better than before. Plan …

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5 Benefits Of Hiring Professionals for Water Damage Restoration

Jarvis Restoration Water Damage

Water damage can happen in your home or business at any time. The most prominent causes for this are leaking pipes, storms, damaged roof and gutters and seepage from underground and flooding. Water in your home can cause all kinds of damage, including bacteria and mold growth.  When you experience this kind of damage, you need to hire a professional …

Water Damage Insurance Tips

Jarvis Restoration Water Damage

Water damage is the the leading property insurance claim and causes the greatest financial expense to insurance companies. These claims are often underpaid, delayed or denied. You must understand your policy coverage so you can take proactive measures to protect from further damage. Here are our tips before filing your water damage insurance claim. Tips before filing your claim: Understanding …

Tips for California Home Emergencies

Jarvis Restoration Water Damage

Southern California residents enjoy the Mediterranean-like weather the area is known for practically year round. However, even the warm coastal climate is subject to the complexities of mother nature. Common natural disasters such as water, fire, or earthquakes can leave devastating damage to your home. By preparing for the worst, homeowners can ensure a safe and efficient recovery process. Here …

10 Things to Check Before Buying a New House

Jarvis Restoration Water Damage

There are a lot of things to look for before buying a house, and it’s good to get a basic checklist to go over while inspecting the house. It may be overwhelming, but this piece of property is your potential new dwelling, so ensuring its integrity will be beneficial for you in the long run. For good or bad, here is …

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10 Easy Home Repairs You Can Fix Today

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There are a multitude of traits that many of us share, simply as people and no matter the demographic. For the sake of home repair, however, we’re specifically talking about two of these characteristics. Whether we’re young or old, taking care of the kids at home or suited up in an office, we tend to procrastinate. Moreover, we all love …

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This Season’s El Nino is Inviting More than Just Rain

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If you’ve been anywhere near your smartphone, laptop, tablet or television in the last few months, you’ve definitely heard about this year’s coming El Niño. While this weather occurrence is natural and occurs every two to five years either as El Niño or the opposite, La Nina, quite a lot of buzz is being generated due to meteorologists predicting that …

Property Inspection, Cleaning And Restoration

Jarvis Restoration Mold Removal, Water Damage

Jarvis Restoration – Property Inspection, Cleaning And Restoration When your residential or commercial property has fallen victim to water damage, you want to make sure that you get the best professionals available for the inspection, cleaning and restoration of your building. How, though, can you be sure that you’re going with even remotely qualified professionals, let alone the best? You …

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Orange County Water Damage Repair

Jarvis Restoration Water Damage

Orange County Water Damage Repair As often as water is the giver of life and the essence that drives this planet forward, it is also occasionally a nuisance when we temporarily lose our control over it. When you’ve experienced any sort of water related property damage, you shouldn’t feel helpless and alone. That’s why Jarvis Restoration, Orange County’s most established …