How to Prepare for Any Home Emergency or Disaster in California

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Living in California usually means great weather and a laidback lifestyle most of the time, but even in this paradise weather can turn nasty. One of the trickiest parts of living in California is that when poor weather hits, residents are usually unprepared for it. Due to this, our homes are usually not proofed for some of the worst, albeit …

10 Things to Check Before Buying a New House

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There are a lot of things to look for before buying a house, and it’s good to get a basic checklist to go over while inspecting the house. It may be overwhelming, but this piece of property is your potential new dwelling, so ensuring its integrity will be beneficial for you in the long run. For good or bad, here is …

10 Emotions Everyone Goes Through When They Discover Water Damage

Jarvis Restoration Water Damage

From the minute you smell a funky odor to the moment you see the telltale water stains, spotting water damage is a process no one would want to endure. There is no doubt that water damage can wreak havoc on a home quite quickly if it isn’t fixed, and if you’re not careful enough to keep your emotions in check, …

home repairs

10 Easy Home Repairs You Can Fix Today

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There are a multitude of traits that many of us share, simply as people and no matter the demographic. For the sake of home repair, however, we’re specifically talking about two of these characteristics. Whether we’re young or old, taking care of the kids at home or suited up in an office, we tend to procrastinate. Moreover, we all love …

el nino

This Season’s El Nino is Inviting More than Just Rain

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If you’ve been anywhere near your smartphone, laptop, tablet or television in the last few months, you’ve definitely heard about this year’s coming El Niño. While this weather occurrence is natural and occurs every two to five years either as El Niño or the opposite, La Nina, quite a lot of buzz is being generated due to meteorologists predicting that …