Labor Day Home Safety Tips

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Labor Day is often a day where families and friends get together to enjoy a good meal out in the sun. Picnics and backyard BBQ are common during the holiday, but a unwatchful eye or improper cleanup can end the day with bad memories. To prevent fire damage from backyard grill fires or water damage from a day running through …

What to Do After a Fire Hits Your Home: Do’s and Don’ts

Jarvis Restoration Fire

A home is typically a large part of the foundation on which we build our lives. It gives us shelter, community, a place to rest, a place to grow our families, or even just a space to put our things. That being said, the degree of devastation that follows any damage to a home is therefore quite reasonable. Our homes …

california fire season

How to Prepare Your Home For This Year’s California Fire Season

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The 2016 California fire season is on its way – are you prepared? In California, the combination of dry brush, high, arid winds, and intense heat make for the perfect conditions for fires, and lots of them. Typically, these fires rage in the hills and mountains, making those who live in these areas at serious risk of fire damage to …